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Welcome to the website of Dr. Kelsi Ervin Natural Medicine in Bellingham, WA.  Dr. Ervin provides primary care services for families and individuals who desire to experience optimal health with the least amount of medical intervention as possible.


Qigong - Level I : Activation 

 awareness of the energy within.


Dates: Thursday January 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21

Time: Thursday, 5:30PM-6:30

Class location: Flow Shala, 1303 Astor Street, SE entrance, Bellingham, WA 98225

Cost: $108  for 6 weeks

Sign up today: link is here: questions? email


This course teaches the foundational exercises for internal Qi-energy activation, cultivation, grounding and circulation. The purpose is to activate and stabilize the energy field, increase internal energy levels and develop the body’s internal energetic communication system.

In part 1, we will learn the internal energy activation exercises, which involve activating the “lifegate” or battery pack of our energy system, followed by cultivating our energy centers and grounding our internal energy.

Continuing into part 2, we will learn how to activate our marrow and brain gates, which involves connecting with our autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is the body’s control system, enabling and empowering us to balance and harmonize our internal organ functions. Circulation of the Du and Ren meridians through the Small Universe exercise is key to our information management system.

These Qi-energy based exercises will increase vitality and creativity, enhance immunity and self-healing, and improve the quality of life.



The "medical" aspect of our Qigong practice deepens in Level II as we connect to the functions and virtues of the 12 internal organ meridians. 


Qigong - Level II: cultivation

Activation and cultivation of the internal organs.

 Prerequisite: completion of level I.

Time: March 13, 20, 27 April 3, 10, 17 5:30-6:30

Cost: $120 (scholarships available).

Sign up today: email

We are returning classes to The Metta Center 1602 Carolina Street #D12, Bellingham, WA 98229


Energize your organs and body function from the inside out.
Develop understanding of a depth of energetic and functional signaling in the body.

Level II introduces methods for developing the Zang Fu, or internal organ-related meridians.  We begin to open and develop the internal energy pathways to energize the internal organs. These 12 internal organ pathways form the bridge between the mind and the memories, emotions, intrinsic intelligence and consciousness of the internal organs.  These pathways function as an energy and intelligence network, both for the internal organ communication and the organs in the living environment.  Qi or vital energy is the key for the mind-body connection.

The purpose of energizing the Zang Fu is to empower individuals to experience the functions of the internal organs at different levels through specific internal organ meridian energizing, cultivating and balancing exercises.  This course will provide specific information on organ-related character, including each organ’s responsibilities, emotions and virtues.  With this information, and coherence between practice and experience, practitioners will learn how thoughts, state of mind, emotional habits and behavior have a direct connection to their health and quality of life.